Octopus and six hour work shifts.

That's pretty much all that happened today.

Octopus sushi (which I had for the first time today), is wonderful. Same with the entire restaurant I was at: Umi Fine Dining.


Goddamn Rob. You're the king of crazy angles, insane detail and sweet colors.
From dasnewten.


Black Friday+TRU+Videogame Trade-ins= gold

Seriously. I got a creator set, the Power Miners Fire Blaster, and SPIII Smash'n'grab for less than forty dollars. Sweet deal.

In other news, I finally finished my Homeworld rebuild.

I really put a lot of work into the color blocking this time, as the original build was lacking in that respect.


Be thankful for... lackadaisical internal structure

It doesn't work when you're building something half a SHIP long. Last night and this morning were spent rebuilding the entire rear section.

In other news, I have been wondering how Steelharbinger's SHIP progress has been going. The answer is "slow". Although, it is probably my most anticipated SHIP of the year. Keep building.

And that's a lot of 1x4's.

From Word_Freak.

I'm going to go eat some Tofurkey.


That fight and fire, oh the arsonist's blues

I've been listening to Good Night, States non stop ever since seeing their performance at Eyeclops Studios.